Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm bored of my daily routine.

I'm bored of my daily routine.
I want a welcome change.
I'm going crazy trying to make
everyone around me happy.

Daily I come to office,
do my work and leave for home.
I reach home, do a few chores
n go to sleep,
this is continuing from a long long time
n i need a break from it.

I want to sing and dance,
play hide n seek,
make drawings and paint them,
decorate my room the way i want
n not according to how other people want.

I want to see the rising sun every morning,
the moon and the stars at night,
I want to roam around the world,
talk and chat merilly with my friends,
spend hours and hours with my sweetheart.

Why should I always do things
that people tell me to do?
Why can't I do things which I like to do?

Why can't I read a book till
time infinite if i like it?
Why can't I just relax
whenever I want to?

Why can't I fly like the birds
whenever they want do?
Why can't I chirp like
them whenever I want to?

People are not satisfied with whatever I do
because there is always someone doing it better than me
because there is always something more to learn
because there is always scope for improvement.

But I don't want to care about all these things
I will learn them with time and experience.
I want everyone to be happy with what I'm doing.
I want everyone to be content the way I'm.
I want to be myself and not someone else whom
you have portrayed in your mind for me to be like.

It does not mean at all that
I don't want to do any progress
or I'm content with what I have
n have no desire to grow and go ahead in life

I sure want to do all these things,
but alongwith that I want to enjoy this
beautiful life that we hve got.
Who know we may get it again or not?
Who knows tomorrow we may be here or not?

So enjoy life and have fun as it comes.
Don't wait for something big to happen in your life
to teach you what you actually want out of it.

I don't know about others
but I surely will not do it.

or am I doing it??