Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mumbai Blasts

Its true that we only wake up when some major crisis comes up and then forget everything about it. But now its time to take some action. We have lost some of the most gallant police officers of our time.
"A salute to all those brave officers !"
Also the death of the innocents and the losses at the Taj and Trident are irreparable.
It has also tarnished our image on the global front.

Its not the time to blame others for what has happened. The resigning of a few ministers is not going to help either. We, as responsible citizens of the country should collectively fight against this crisis. Democracy is a form of government by the people, of the people and for the people. But are we utilizing it to the full? We elected the wrong people. So even we are equally at fault. Sometimes I feel the communist rule as in China will surely help India progress on all fronts. But thats totally another topic.

In terms of business, company's are going international. The world is coming nearer and is slowly becoming a 'global village'. Countries are benefiting from foreign exchange and increasing international trade. Then why are all countries so rigid when it comes to political affairs? What sense does it make making war with your neighbouring country all the time when you can spend all that money on the prosperity and growth of both countries. Even in a country states instead of sharing and using all the resources are fighting over petty matters. All this is not going to take us anywhere other than towards our own doom.

Also we cannot rely on the police and the government to safeguard us all the time. It does not mean that we all start taking anti-terrorism training or carry guns but atleast be strong enough so that we can support ourselves in terms of crisis like these.

We'll show that we are not afraid of anyone and are ready to bring about a change to benefit ourselves and our future generations. This cannot be tolerated. Anyone will come and do anything they want in our country? No way. This has to be stopped and we'll be the ones to do it.

God bless India.
Jai Hind.



"GOD BLESS INDIA AND JAI HIND".IF all share the same sentiments we would not have these kind of attacks.As u said lets take the initiative for a change

sunilmk2 said...
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Shubhashish said...

We can take an initiative....but, without the active support of the governement, we cant forge ahead much...

One good thing, any such initiative can do, is to make the government sit up and take note of our might....which otherwise stands dissipated.....

S Biswas